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Date(s) - 13/10/22 /15/10/22
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Working Equitation Belgium is organizing its annual National Belgian Championship and is welcoming all International Master and Junior riders to compete in the beautiful facilities of Sentower Park from 14th to 16th of October !

Our sponsors will embellish our Prize giving with gift but also with price money for the winner of the competition!

For this occasion a special ranking will be made for Lusitano horse in honor of the European Lusitano Championship.

REGISTRATION – Inscription – registraties:

CLICK HERE for registration

WE3 Junior/Young Rider & W4 MASTER

135€ non-membre WEB / geen lid WEB / non-member WEB

105€ membre WEB / lid WEB / member WEB


Working Equitation Belgium

IBAN: BE23 9733 5295 9691


Arrival allowed from Monday 10th – schedule still need to be defined
You must introduce yourself to the secretary with your horse(s) papers
/!\ in order of vaccination /!\

Friday 14th of October
Dressage trial

Saturday 15th of October
Ease of Handling trial (time table will be defined based on Dressage results)
ABEL “Supper + Shows” – registration via

Sunday 16th October
Speed trial (time table will be defined based on General results)
Price giving – all riders on horseback

The organizing committee reserves the right to make any changes of the program.
Vet-checks may be performed at any time during the competition.


  • General Classification WE4 Master
  • General Classification WE3 Junior – Young Rider
  • National Classification WE4 Master
  • Lusitano Classification WE4 Master


• Registrations have to be send before the 28th of September;
• After the closing date an administrative fee (60€) will be added to late registration;
• No refund will be granted, after closing date, without a medical certificate (horse or/and rider);
• This competitions is governed by FN Belgian Veterinary, WAWE & WEB regulations;
• Horses have to wear starting numbers to be identified;
• Dogs have to be kept on the leash on the whole showground.

All riders from WE3 Junior have to wear a helmet in all tests.
The riders in WE4 Masters are strongly recommended to wear a helmet + need to fill a declaration if not.

All owners and competitors are personally responsible for the damages caused to their parties, by themselves, employees, agents or horses. They are strongly advised to have an insurance, fully covering their participation in trails in their own country or abroad and that such insurance policy must be kept up to date.
The organizing committee is not responsible if a competitor doesn’t have a valid insurance policy.
Horses and competitors equipment remain under the riders/owners responsibility.
Competitors are responsible for all costs resulting from accidents.

Competitors withdraw their right to any legal request against the organising committee. All participants must ensure that their personal civil liability, individual accidents and medical insurance policies etc. are valid for the period of their activity.
The organization can never be responsible or held liable if such agreements have expired. The participants are also responsible for their horses and materials for the period of the competition.


Competition arenas

Dressage                 20×40 Sand, Outdoor or Indoor
Ease of Handling  Sand, Outdoor or Indoor
Speed                      Sand, Outdoor or Indoor
Warm up                Sand, Outdoor or Indoor


All horses must have an equine identification Document issued by their countries of origin.

Please note to inform yourself about the instructions of your country for the exportation-laws and transport documents!

All horses taking part must be vaccinated as per the Belgian Equestrian Federation Veterinary Regulations.


Considering that WAWE aims to meet the highest standards of equestrian competition
and therefore pretends to safeguard the welfare of the horse, we strongly recommend
that at all times the following principles are met by all the involved:

o That in all stages of the competition (during the preparation and training of competition horses) welfare must take precedence over all other demands;
o Owners, trainers and judges have to be sure that horses and competitors must be fit, competent and in good health before they are allowed to compete;
o The events OC have to pay careful attention to the facilities (involving competition areas, ground surfaces, stables), weather conditions and site safety;
o WAWE urges all involved with the sport to attain the highest levels of education in their areas of expertise.


As a public event by completing this entry form you agree to be filmed and photographed.
Film and pictures may be used on social media and other support in order to promote the sport.